“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine”-Anthony D’Angelo #transition #anxiety #mentalhealth #sunshine #positivity

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Welcome to the final month of 2019!  You made it!  Hopefully our weekly challenges have added to your life in a positive way.

The theme for December in light of our recent merge with another company and moving into the new year is “transition.” Life happens, and especially during the holidays, there are a lot of changes outside our normal schedules including seeing family (could be positive or negative depending who it is!), events, parties, etc.

The challenge this week is when you find yourself in a situation/transition that may be uncomfortable as the holidays approach, remember to bring your own sunshine!  For example if you’re at an event and it’s not your thing, look at a funny gif, get curious about the people around you, challenge yourself to do something different like maybe striking a conversation with someone when typically you’d be a wallflower.  Research tells us that our mind is heavily influenced by our body, so even if you just smile, it will trick your brain into thinking you are actually enjoying yourself!

Sending sunshine your way!