“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength”-Corrie Ten Boom #worry #strength

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As someone who strives to live in the moment, it fascinates me how others are already onto the next. I haven’t ordered dinner, yet those I am with may already be thinking about dessert. We may have arrived to work today, but are sitting at our desk thinking about tomorrow’s agenda. In all aspects of worry, some may see this as motivation. I see it as distraction, unnecessary anxiety that takes away focus. We learn these habits from an early age, particularly in school for example. Children have been taught for centuries that anxiety will prepare you to study which will lead you to do well on the test. But what about learning in the moment…so focused and engrossed that there would be no anxiety, however a positive grade would result? Very rare do you find a high achieving student these days without the anxiety of tomorrow and that’s disappointing that these students are so plagued by anxiety of a test that they lose the passion for the natural curiosity and creativity that learning is all about.

What does this anxiety accomplish? If we look at our lives as a test that we need to achieve a “good” grade on, we are missing out on our own self-discovery that the pure moment of now brings. The challenge this week is to catch those moments where your mind drifts to the next. Take a deep breath and activate your senses. What do you see happening around you? What are you feeling? What do you see and smell? I hope that you find yourself less anxious and surprisingly more productive as the week moves on. Enjoy this experience!