“You are not your feelings”-Amy Nolan #feelings #mentalhealth #anxiety #mindfulness #selfcare #selftalk #positivethinking #communication

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So many times I hear “I am angry,” “I am anxious,” “I am depressed.”  I constantly reframe these phrases for clients to “I feel angry,” “I feel anxious,” etc.  Your feelings do not define you.  You are a person with many strengths, so when we talk to ourselves in this way of defining ourselves by what we feel, we are creating limitations for ourselves based on our perception of those feelings.  For example with “I am depressed” could turn into “well since I am depressed, that means I’m not going to get out of bed.”  We can change this thought using another example such as, “I feel depressed right now, however I know when I get out of bed and get moving, I will start to feel less depressed.”

The challenge this week is to be mindful of not defining yourself by your feelings, especially outside of your headspace when you are communicating how you feel to others.  Remind yourself that you may feel this way, but your feelings do not control you or define you.  I think you’ll feel the difference when you begin to separate yourself from the control your emotions may have on you.  Good luck!