“You become what you surround yourself with. Energies are contagious. Choose carefully. Your environment will become you”-Anonymous #mentalhealth #relationships #energy #energies #positivity #goodvibes #selfcare #mindfulness

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Did you ever notice that in particular places or with particular people you feel amazing and other times with other people, in other places you feel miserable?  Where you are and who you are with can make a huge difference to your well being.  Before you buy a house in Tahiti and quit your job because it has white walls, let’s take a step back to get some perspective…

The challenge this week is to take notice when you feel your energy shift into the negative or positive.  Where are you?  What is happening around you?  Who are you with?  How do you feel?  Now take that information and focus on the positive aspects…how can you get more of those in your life?  Some ideas maybe limiting time with people who drain your energy, hanging up pictures of the positive people in your cubicle at work, driving a different route that is more scenic or playing music while cooking dinner if you find that music helps bring you some positive energy.  Sometimes we cannot escape negative environments, but we can bring our own positive energy in through little ways.  I hope you make some positive choices this week that bring about a new energy in the places you need it most!