“You can’t steal second and keep one foot on first base”-Adam Grant #goals #complaining #motivation #inspiration #action #thoughts #positive #courage #strength #selfcare

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We are full of goals and aspirations.  We want to lose weight, eat better, have more me-time, be promoted at work, keep a great relationship going, etc….and then….we hear crickets and wonder why nothing is happening.  Although it seems simple, reaching goals takes time and most of all: effort.

Rather than wishing your goals were met already.  Imagine you standing on first base and you can see your goal on second.  Here’s the easy part…imagine how you will feel and what your life will be like when you get to that goal on second base.  Pretty sweet huh?  Here comes the hard part…now imagine each step you will need to take to get to 2nd base.  What do you need to do at each step?  I recommend putting the more intensive steps first just like if you were actually running, those first steps determine the speed and intensity of the following steps.  This also makes the last steps easier at the end.  Write these steps down if you prefer and if you can, attach dates to help yourself be accountable for each step.

I see you getting to that goal sooner and faster now than ever before, go for it!