“you haven’t lost your ability to do good with life, even if it never loses its ability to do bad things to you”-Michael Bennett #dogood #goodlife #ability

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Blogspiration is back this Monday after the holiday last week! This week’s quote affirms that sometimes life just sucks, when it rains it pours, injustice appears everywhere, etc. Doesn’t it seem like almost anything in the news is just plain bad news? The challenge this week is not to pump out the sunshine or to lock yourself in a closet when the going gets tough. The meaning of this quote is a reminder that when life doesn’t go as planned you have an ability. An ability to take action and do what you can. You are not a superhero that can fix the world, change your girlfriend or convince your brother to help you with something. Sometimes, ability looks like saying “no” to someone else so that you can say yes to yourself when you may be burnt out. It could be taking time to text a friend you care even though you are fighting. Many things are of course out of our control and it takes a lot of understanding to accept this. Think about what you do have the ability to do and in taking that action, you just may feel better about the circumstances no matter how undesirable they may be.