“You must stop thinking that just because you are working hard, you are accomplishing something”-Sheri Riley #mindfulness #mentalhealth #accomplishment #burnout #selfcare #awareness #effectiveness #priorities #timemanagement

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At times, we may feel like we work hard and at the end of the day do not feel accomplished or valued for our efforts.  There are millions of articles and books on time management these days, but not many that focus on our own rhythms of energy or how to use our strengths effectively.  For example, if you are night owl, but your job requires you to be at the office at 6am, you may not be operating at the most effective level.  If you are a full-time parent, when you put your kids to bed at night you may not be able to see the results of feeding them broccoli instead of pizza, etc.

The Blogspiration challenge this week is to take a look at your daily habits vs. your daily goals and figure out what gives you energy and drains your energy.  Is there anything you can do to make things easier?  Maybe it’s asking for help, maybe it’s not making your kid’s bed because you’re the only one who cares that it’s made, maybe it’s crossing out most of your to do list and keeping only the top 3 priority items.  Whatever it is, remember that you are human and not a machine.  You simply cannot do everything and most of us have things we do that do not matter in the long run.  What are your top 3 priority matters today?-if you focus only on those I think you’ll feel like you’ve worked less for more. Being burnt out and feeling drained will not help anyone or yourself.  By working smarter, figuring out what matters most and making time for what gives you energy will make a valuable difference in how you feel and how you value your time because YOU matter!